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Resolution 25 Drive and entrance responsibility

Resolution #25: City responsibility concerning drive ways and entrances to homes and businesses that fall in the right of way of the City.

Whereas, the City of Ellinger has numerous drive ways and entrances to homes and businesses within the City limit of Ellinger. Some drives are built in the right of way of the City of Ellinger,

Whereas, the City did not install the drive way or entrance to either home or businesses in the City,

Whereas, each home or business has the responsibility to keep drive way or entrance culverts, gravel, pavement, concrete or any other substance used in construction of drive or entrance up to date and in usable order,

So be it resolved that the City of Ellinger is not responsible for upkeep or improvement of drive ways or entrances that are in the right of way for the City of Ellinger. Homes or businesses that need to improve drive ways or entrances shall incur the cost of such improvements. If a drive way or entrance has not been deemed unusable, the City will inform owners of home or business that they will need to improve drive way or entrance. If no improvements are made within 120 days, the City will inform home owner or business that the City will have the improvement made at a cost to the home owner or business and will be billed by the City of Ellinger.

Yeas____ Nays____ Approved____ Not Approved____

Mayor Matt Mikulenka date:

Commissioner Kenneth Stojanik date:

Commissioner Joseph Lamer date:

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