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Agenda Regular Meeting City of Ellinger 2-22-2024

Notice: Regular meeting of the City of Ellinger, Texas.

          In accordance with the provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551, Texas Government Code notice is hereby given that a Regular Meeting of the governing body of the City of Ellinger, Texas, will be held on February 22nd, 2024 at 6:00pm at City Hall, located at 101 W. Shumacher St., Ellinger, Texas.


 Pledge to the United States Flag.


 Pledge to the Texas Flag: Honor the Texas Flag: I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas,        one state under God, one and indivisible.


 Opening prayer


 Public comment.  All comments are limited to 3 minutes


 Secretary report. Minutes from the previous meeting reviewed.


 Treasurers report.  Review report and take action on bills and income as needed.


 OLD Business:


1. Discussion on city permitting.

2. Discussion on trash ordinance/requirements.

3. Finalize resolution for Oil and Gas lease with Magnolia Oil and Gas.

4. Discuss latest on streetlights.


NEW Business:


1. Discuss cost of de-energizing West Point Sewer Plant generator.

2. Call for cancelling 2024 Election.

3. Discuss update on TDA funding.

4. Discuss update on GLO funding.

6. Adjournment.


Any request for information will be answered by contacting the City of Ellinger at P O Box 44, Ellinger, Texas 78938.


Posted on 18th February, 2024 at City Hall, outside bulletin board

Cullen Weishuhn, City Secretary

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